Jenna and Jereb

Hotel Information

Hotel Vitale

the Hotel Vitale is the host hotel for the weekend. transportation to and from the wedding on Treasure Island will be from the Hotel Vitale.

Hotel Griffon

the Hotel Griffon is a great waterfront boutique hotel that is half a block away from the Hotel Vitale making it an easy stroll to catch transportation to and from the wedding.

The Hotel Vitale and Hotel Griffon are only two suggestions from hundreds of fantastic San Francisco hotels. Please feel free to stay at your hotel of choice. the Hotel Vitale and Hotel Griffon are both waterfront hotels located on the Embarcadero. Right across the street, we encourage you to walk along the Embarcadero and to stop into the Ferry Plaza, one of our favorite spots in the city. There is also an amazing farmers market Saturday morning- but go early and don't be late for the trolley! 
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